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high stakes investment dao

High stakes gamified investment DAO

3 factions competing head to head for the grand prize and title of true alpha. Each faction will have access to their token gated DAO which will be provided by Hokori. The DAO is the war room, where calculated strategies and plays are made.

Treasury funds for each DAO will be provided by Hokori to ensure each faction starts off with no financial advantage.

Ape skull

Compete. Earn.

Each holder has the ability to make a difference, your NFT will be essential to proposing and casting votes.

Once the competition has started, the core team will analyze performance and offer the best possible utility to keep the competition fierce. At the end of each season, a faction is crowned the true alpha, with the members reaping all the rewards.

Art and community.

Art and Community

Art and community are foundational pillars that will hold up what we want to build for Hokori, we’ve dedicated thousands of hours to the craft and designed the best pixel art we can offer, we want to inspire and support our community to do the same.

Our dedication to the craft will be an ongoing theme and we will develop creative outlets to nurture our community to bring creativity and value to the ecosystem.

Dragons. Wolves. Apes.

We say dope shit
on twitter.

Frequently asked questions


Solana is our home, but you will find us very helpful and friendly to onboard members from different chains. Don’t worry we don’t BITE.


20th January, 2023.

Supply & Mint price?

6,000 Supply.
60$ Solana ◎ Equivalent.

Is the DAO operational?

Yes, we currently have a beta DAO platform ready to be deployed upon mint completion.

Twitter and Discord?

You can find us on twitter here. We’ve got some cool stuff you may or may not want to check us out.
Our Discord currently hosts GenList giveaways and is yet to be open to the public, we randomly drop invite links, so make sure you follow us on twitter and turn on those notis.

What is GenList?

GenList is a role given to whitelisted members of the community. We are currently dropping random links to our private discord server on twitter, so make sure to turn on notifications. This will be closed soon.

Where are the funds going?

A large portion of the funds will be used to fuel the competition between the factions and other utilities that are faction focused. The remaining funds will be utilized to ensure the growth and innovation of HokoriGen. A detailed breakdown of the fund distribution will be shared soon.